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Turning location data into actionable intelligence.

Powering research & academic teams globally

Spectus Features Highlight

Access to the highest quality mobility data assets available.

Spectus Features Highlight

Privacy-first platform for working with sensitive data at scale.

Spectus Features Highlight

One-stop tools and recipes for working with location data.

Trusted for data accuracy and insights

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Johns Hopkins University
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Accelerated innovation for analysts, students, and data scientists

We’ve thoughtfully considered the key factors that hinder data processing at scale. Build and visualize privacy-safe insights with no exposure to or sharing of granular data. Our platform and high-quality, actionable location data can be adapted across industries and use cases.

Take a Deeper Dive Into Spectus
Geospatial Analysis
April 7, 2023

The Role of Large Language Models in Geospatial Analysis

Here at Spectus, we see innovation as a key differentiator and a cornerstone of our strategy. Artificial Intelligence has long been part of this strategy, and we have used deep…
Geospatial Analysis
April 3, 2023

How Mobility Data Optimizes Transportation Planning

As cities and urban areas continue to grow, transportation and civil engineering companies are facing increasingly complex challenges. From traffic congestion to aging infrastructure, the need for effective planning and…
Geospatial Analysis
February 16, 2023

How Location Data Can Reshape Your Real Estate Investment Strategy

Real estate firms are increasingly turning to location data to gain insights into market trends and inform investment decisions. The most common use cases for location data in the real…

Unlock the capabilities of human mobility analysis