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Turn location data into intelligent insights.



Spectus is purpose-built for analytics solutions using the highest-quality location data available, in a privacy-safe way.

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Optimized for rapid innovation by analysts, business strategists, and data scientists

We’ve thoughtfully considered the key factors that hinder data processing at scale. Build and visualize privacy-safe insights with no exposure to or sharing of granular data. Our platform and high-quality, actionable location data can be adapted across industries and use cases.

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Connect the physical and digital world

Experience the power of visualizing data in near real-time for faster business insights


Identify the customer journey

Tiling Tools

Divide areas into grid cells

Trade Area Analysis

Identify catchment areas

Density Metrics

Understand foot traffic trends

Spectus is built for revenue growth

Cloud optimized

Multi-tenant and hybrid cloud environments for permission-based collaboration

Unassailable scale

Optimal data availability and quality that aligns with growth objectives

Start fast

Cornerstone building blocks for development and ready-to-use apps for quick ROI

Supported by geospatial analytics experts who invest in your business success

Geospatial Analysis
September 27, 2022

Uncover Supply Chain Disruptions with Location Data

Supply chain volatility has widespread impacts across industries. Failure to adapt can lead to unmet demand which can result in extensive losses — sales, profits, customers, and market share are…
Geospatial Analysis
September 26, 2022

Channel Partner Spotlight: Kayrros Case Study

Spectus generates mobility insights for clients across a wide range of verticals including academia, energy, GIS, industrials, investors, and real estate. Kayrros, a channel partner, is a global climate tech…
Data Privacy
September 23, 2022

Federal Privacy Legislation III: International Laws

Previously we discussed the need for Federal privacy legislation in the US to clarify Washington’s position on consumer privacy and the efforts of states to fill the void with their…

Unlock the capabilities of human mobility analysis