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Spectus generates mobility insights for clients across a wide range of verticals including academia, energy, GIS, industrials, investors, and real estate. Kayrros, a channel partner, is a global climate tech company and a world leader in earth observation technology. Kayrros helps governments, investors, and businesses make better decisions, leveraging the power of satellite imagery and artificial intelligence to provide data and insights into global energy supplies and natural resources. By bringing transparency to the environment, Kayrros gives its partners the means to understand climate and energy risks to help create a better world.

Spectus equips Kayrros’ products with high-quality location data, empowering their clients with reliable mobility insights.

Use Cases

Spectus supports two primary use cases:

  1. Predicting real-time fuel consumption and emissions
  2. Monitoring supply chain activity

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Footfall Metrics

Spectus is able to provide footfall metrics in real-time and at scale through our API and batch processing solutions. Spectus’ API enables partners and their clients to access the number of unique devices at any POI – at hourly, daily, or weekly intervals – in real-time. Batch processing efficiently processes millions of custom polygons via Data Flow Studio and is useful when clients are interested in foot traffic at multiple predefined POIs. Clients can run jobs to receive the count of distinct devices at multiple POIs by the hour, day, week, month, or year.

Download the full case study for a deep dive of how Kayrros leverages Spectus to bolster their product capabilities and strengthen internal analytics.