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Transportation Case Study

The Real-World Value of Spectus

The Situation

Transport Tidy LLC, a leading engineering firm, needed fast, accurate insights to service their client and expand their understanding of traffic patterns. They sought to assess the accuracy and usefulness of Spectus mobility data for this and future projects. They compared Spectus data to their existing data set and achieved an impressive 89% accuracy to real world datafor a fraction of the price and time that would be required by installing cameras on the road.

The Results

A Missouri-based client of Transport Tidy LLC wanted to study routes taken between Point A and Point B (see image below). Leveraging Spectus data, they analyzed the percentage of left, through, and right turns, as well as the total approach volume for each intersection along the routes.

Transport Tidy LLC was able to generate highly accurate results in just 25 minutes. On average, their findings aligned with real-world data collected from cameras within an 11% margin of error.

Value in The Real World

The client was interested in understanding how many people are using Route 1 (blue) as opposed to Route 2 (green) to travel between Point A and B—or if people use another route, especially when Route 2 is congested in the morning and evening peak travel periods on weekdays. The client also sought information on turning movement counts at the intersection of US 61 and Paris Gravel Road (represented by the black circle).

Using Spectus’ one-click tools, Transport Tidy LLC conducted an Origin/Destination Analysis, uncovering vital insights into turning movements, speed metrics, and patterns of congestion and traffic. This approach showcased the immense value of Spectus data to both Transport Tidy and their client. By delivering accurate and comprehensive traffic analysis in an efficient and cost-effective manner, Spectus enabled rapid and informed decision-making for their transportation planning and infrastructure development projects.

How does the data clean room work?

Spectus’ data clean room can be used to produce nearly any level of mobility analysis you can imagine by converting raw device-level data into upleveled privacy-safe insights. Spectus converts billions of pings from millions of devices into actionable metrics including Stops, Trajectories, and Demographics. 

The data clean room addresses data providers’ concerns about user privacy because privacy protection is baked into the Spectus platform by design. In addition, Spectus filters out Sensitive Points of Interest (SPOIs) such as locations related to health services, religious facilities, and locations with vulnerable populations to ensure that data is handled responsibly and not exploited for unethical purposes. 

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