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Traffic/Footfall Analysis

Visualize traffic volume along key routes between points of interest – See it in action.

Migration Patterns

Understand key movement metrics, including:

  • Gentrification index
  • Demographic movement patterns
  • Area analysis/Property analysis

Trade Area Analysis

Visualize the health of a market by analyzing competitive POIs, demographic data, and human mobility trends – See it in action.

Investment Due Diligence

Develop a comprehensive understanding of a potential investment by evaluating past and present mobility trends in the area. For example, analyze the traffic volume and speed on a route during rush hour and understand trends on a typical day to gain insight into the local market.

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Whether you’re conducting Trade Area Analysis, performing due diligence on a new investment, or monitoring the health of your portfolio, access data-driven analysis with just one click – or go deeper with our full data clean room to verify underlying data assets and configure your ideal output.

Gentrification Index

Popular Store Location

Home / Work Locations

Property Activity

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Using the web app below, draw polygons to define your area of interest:

Gentrification Index

Measure and compare the level of gentrification in different neighborhoods by analyzing factors such as property values, income levels, and demographic changes. Gain insight into the socioeconomic transformation occurring in an area and understand the dynamics of changing urban landscapes.

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Popular Store Location

Measure the demand, viability, and potential success for different locations by considering foot traffic, nearby competitors, consumer demographics, and economic indicators.

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Home/Work Locations

Analyze residential and work areas to understand proximity to amenities, transportation options, safety, etc., along with daily travel routes.

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Site / Property Activity

Understand the level of activity and potential success of a site or property to make informed decisions about site selection, property investments, and identifying areas with high market potential.

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