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Spectus For Industrials

Optimizing operations with high-quality location data is essential to offer competitive products and services in the Industrials sector. Leverage geospatial intelligence to expedite transportation and optimize distribution networks by identifying the most profitable and efficient trade routes based on how key demographics move along routes of interest. Sharpen your competitive edge by leveraging Spectus to uncover innovative logistics solutions that transform your business.

Spectus for Industrials

Why use Spectus for Industrials?

Spectus empowers leaders in the Industrials sector with profitable insights by offering high-quality device-level location data and powerful tools for custom analyses. Reduce costs by analyzing how time is spent along routes of interest and optimizing trade routes accordingly. Mitigate the risk of expensive site selections by leveraging mobility insights to flag hazards. Select lucrative sites by identifying High Consequence Areas based on dwell time and anticipate regions poised for growth based on the ability of existing infrastructure to support the changing needs of any area.

Industrials Use Cases

  • Trajectory Analysis – Visualize mobility trends along key routes from points of interest to monitor competitors and capture opportunities – see it in action.
  • Site Selection – Efficiently factor mobility trends into your site selection strategy for the most profitable distribution of retail center locations.
  • Risk Management – Leverage data-driven mobility insights to flag hazards and mitigate risk.

Master trade route analysis with high-quality location data.

Transform the way your team leverages human mobility data

Spectus is built for custom mobility analyses that sharpen competitive strategy

Flexible Platform

Draw meaningful insights with custom mobility analyses.

Device-Level Data

Access superior insights with high-quality granular data at scale.

Competitive Edge

Uncover competitors’ blind spots and capture missed opportunities.

Supported by geospatial analytics experts who invest in your success – learn more about the Spectus platform here.

Learn how Spectus can optimize your business strategy.

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