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Spectus for Investors

Mobility data is complicated. Spectus makes it easy.

Make smarter investments with high-quality mobility data. Spectus empowers hedge funds, mutual funds, private equity and insurance companies with insights into how humans engage with locations they care about. Spectus’ privacy-centric data clean room allows for turnkey access to granular, customized data.

Spectus Overview

years of historical data
years in business with pure focus on geolocation
brands with pre-calculated visits
companies’ POI data
data professionals creating industry-leading tools

What can we show you?

Measure daily foot traffic & dwell time to forecast future reported KPIs
Validate signals in other fundamental & alternative datasets
Explore industry-changing themes & how quickly dynamics are shifting
Gauge real-time impact of major PR events, product launches & safety issues
Fill gaps not well-tracked by other data, like cash transactions & showrooming
Monitor for key inflection points that present risk to your portfolio

Migration Patterns
Pinpoint areas poised for growth based on migration patterns and socio-demographic shifts. Analyze demographics, spending potential, and mobility trends in an area by leveraging Spectus’ real-time and historical location data to understand how population trends are changing.
Learn more about Trade Area Analysis.

Competitive Dynamics
Track market share, loyalty & cross-shopping among competitive sets across dozens of verticals. Gauge national and regional dynamics for any company with a physical location. Understand community-level needs down to the census block group by analyzing real-time, historical, socioeconomic, and demographic trends anywhere.
Unlock density and foot traffic trends at any POI with our Density Metrics.

Discover Investment Opportunity Zones
Analyze areas with population growth, increasing average income, or traffic patterns that reflect core target audience characteristics. Make informed decisions with insights from current and historical mobility trends.
Curious about the path from A to B? Learn more about our Trajectory Analysis.

Enrich forecasts with high-quality location data

How can you access mobility insights?

Spectus builds you a Secure Private Tenant so insights are only accessible by your company.

Need footfall data for predefined POIs?

  1. Input custom geofenced locations
  2. Select a period of time

Spectus returns the number of unique devices that stopped there

Learn more about Spectus’ Visit Engine.

Need footfall data at any POI on-demand?

  1. Draw a polygon around a POI
  2. Select a period of time

Spectus returns the number of unique devices that stopped there in seconds

Learn more about Spectus’ API.

Supported by geospatial analytics experts who invest in your business success – learn more about the Spectus platform here.

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