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Spectus for Renewable Energy

Leading Renewable Energy companies innovate with location intelligence.

Develop clean energy solutions and power a resilient future with high-quality location data and precise mobility insights. Spectus empowers Renewable Energy companies to visualize human mobility trends and make profitable informed decisions by providing location data, tools, and privacy-safe infrastructure for custom geospatial analyses.

Renewable Energy leaders use Spectus

Site Selection
Determine ideal sites for sustainable infrastructure by analyzing trade area data and trajectory trends. Identify optimal locations for EV charging stations based on where people who are most likely to drive EVs live and work. Improve wind farm and solar grid site selection by feeding mobility data into GIS to generate insights from comprehensive mapping. Determine ideal areas to target B2C solar panel marketing campaigns by analyzing locations with potentially high-spending customers.
Learn more about Trade Area Analysis.

Supply Chain Monitoring
Monitor supply chain activity and anticipate disruptions in real-time by analyzing workforce change at industrial facilities. Kayrros, a global climate tech company, uses Spectus to analyze levels of foot traffic at industrial POIs to detect changes in activity that imply operational disruptions or improvements. Kayrros’ clients use this information to adjust their operations so that disruptions across their supply chains can be mitigated.

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Competitive Intelligence
Strengthen forecasting and enhance planning efforts by monitoring competitors’ field operations and benchmarking visitations in real-time. Examine trends such as stops and dwell time to anticipate operational changes at sites of interest. In this example, stops and dwell time are visualized over a 3-month period: older stops are purple and red, newer stops are yellow, larger circles represent longer dwell time. Persistent changes in industrial activity are represented by yellow circles of a consistent size in a new area.

Smart Infrastructure
Increase energy efficiency and reduce costs by collaborating with local governments to develop smart infrastructure based on regional density and trajectory trends. Modernize the grid and improve network functionality by analyzing location-based factors that affect customer needs to determine optimal locations for smart grid components such as sensors and repeaters. Power cities more efficiently by analyzing trajectory trends and optimizing street lighting based on when a population moves through the city.
Learn more about Density Metrics.

Transportation Route Optimization
Accelerate outage resolution while cutting costs and carbon emissions. Leverage location data to improve operational efficiency and deliver a superior customer experience by analyzing real-time and historical trajectory trends such as routes, speed, and frequency of travel to move crews to sites faster.
Learn more about Trajectory Analysis.

Develop innovative, profitable, and sustainable energy technologies

Transform the way your team leverages human mobility data

Spectus is built for data-driven insights that lower risk and inform profitable investments

Risk Management

Develop mitigation plans for potential issues and threats based on accurate and precise location insights.

Market Insights

Strengthen market presence with powerful forecasts.

New Opportunities

Realize additional revenue with holistic insights on consumer and competitor behavior.

Supported by geospatial analytics experts who invest in your business success – learn more about the Spectus platform here.

Learn how Spectus can increase your renewable energy company’s efficiency and profitability.

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