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Spectus for Transportation

Leading Transportation companies innovate with location intelligence.

Spectus empowers Transportation companies to visualize movement and make informed decisions for a variety of use cases by providing location data, tools, and privacy-safe infrastructure for custom geospatial analyses.

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Mobility data has proven to be a rich data source for transportation planners, as companies utilize Spectus to dig deeper and optimize every project from large-scale event and tourism planning to hour-by-hour congestion trends and turning movements. Equipped with high-quality location data and easy-to-access insights, planners can characterize the speed, trip, transit mode, and traveler attributes of a journey for comprehensive understanding of movement patterns and potential infrastructure gaps.

Origin/Destination Analysis
Visualize traffic analytics along key routes from points of interest, including origin and destination insights, turning movements, frequency of travel, and speed metrics. Leverage trajectory trends to improve operational efficiency, safety, and understand movement in near real-time. – See it in action.

Travel Demand Modeling
Estimate traffic counts and demand across cities, neighborhoods, intersections, and transit systems. Leverage insights to evaluate traffic systems and feed models that predict the effects of interventions (e.g. road closures & openings, tolling, public transit development) on travel behaviors – see it in action.

Roadway Segment Activity
Understand traffic patterns on a roadway for any given period of time. Uncover granular insights on traffic volume and average speed, congested zones, and recognize consistencies to predict these trends and plan accordingly. For example, we ran an analysis of the San Mateo bridge in the San Francisco Bay Area to identify traffic volume distribution and average speed during morning and evening rush hours.

Intermodal Transportation
Spectus provides high-quality mobility data for your intermodal transportation analysis. For example, this chart shows a distribution of speed and trajectory metrics for pedestrians, bikers, cars, trains, and planes.

Congestion Monitoring
Combine Spectus congestion monitoring metrics with Origin Destination analysis to quickly visualize and quantize congestion on popular routes.

Smarter mobility and savvy metrics, in real time.

Transform the way your team leverages data

Spectus is built for custom, actionable, and granular insights fueled by high-quality mobility data

Data Transparency

Built-in safeguards from regulations present and future that could disrupt business.

Smarter Insights

Solve complex problems in minutes with a purpose-built platform and automation.

New Opportunities

An infrastructure to optimize organizational alignment and efficiencies.

Supported by geospatial analytics experts who invest in your business success. Learn more about the Spectus platform.

Keep your community moving with Spectus.

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