White Paper: Break Through Barriers to Big Data

How Spectus Accelerates Innovation with Privacy by Design

In today’s information society, harnessing the power of location data is essential to rise above your fiercest competition. Unfortunately, for so many teams on the cusp of innovation, classic big data challenges such as procurement, infrastructure management, compliance, and privacy protection make deriving insights from location data brought in-house prohibitively complicated.

At Spectus, our mission is to accelerate innovation by democratizing access to high-quality location data with state-of-the-art privacy enhancing technologies. Our comprehensive privacy strategy is trusted by our partners and data providers and allows us to create an ideal environment for rapid mobility analysis and innovation.

Our privacy strategy is grounded in the 7 principles of Privacy by Design (PbD)—a framework that has become table stakes for any company serious about privacy.

This white paper includes:

  • A comprehensive breakdown of Privacy by Design, a cutting-edge innovative methodology has emerged from design thinking
  • Key tools and processes that guarantee your team can direct resources back to the essence of your business—your people and key differentiators—rather than tedious data sourcing and processing
  • How a well-equipped PaaS can fuel rapid innovation and successful business decisions

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