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Trusted Location Data Analysis

A springboard for innovation is a data clean room for human mobility analysis. It is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that provides a secure and privacy-preserving environment for data scientists, analysts, and business strategists to collaborate using sensitive mobility data.’s platform allows users to build and visualize insights without exposing or sharing any granular data. The platform is designed to be scalable and flexible and can be adapted to various industries and use cases.

Spectus makes data analysis and visualizations a reality for complex systems and industries that leverage human mobility for decisions and revenue generation.

What is a data clean room?

A data clean room is a secure and privacy-compliant environment where Personally Identifiable Information is collected, processed, de-identified, and stored to be made available for analysis and development.

The advantage of Spectus’ infrastructure and solutions teams:

The Spectus infrastructure and solutions teams accelerate speed-to-market 6X vs traditional, privacy-focused development of human mobility data

The flexible, affordable answer to collaborative data analysis

We aim to democratize geospatial analytics across all organizations, even those with smaller data science teams. The increase in adoption of geospatial analytics to make informed decisions requires a specialized, cost-effective data clean room where teams can collaborate; with maximum development flexibility and minimal data-specific risks.

Speed To Market IconAccelerate innovation

Building and innovating faster with ever-evolving data sets in a cloud environment; the ability to deliver faster insights is a persistent business requirement.
Spectus answers this by offering:

  • white-glove onboarding
  • pre-configured building blocks
  • customized solutions

Control Costs IconMinimize upfront investment

Enable a more gradual ramp-up aligned with the growth and success of your applications.
Spectus answers this by offering:

  • singular solution infrastructure
  • actionable, curated data
  • industry leading institutional knowledge

Control Risk IconPreempt complex privacy changes

Focus on building and commercializing your solutions instead of ever-changing souring regulations and restrictions.
Spectus answers this by offering:

  • applied patent-pending differential privacy
  • ultimate governance and permission-based environments
  • zero-compromise de-identified data

Truth in data

Spectus Data Cleanroom

The volume of data is growing and highly dynamic. With Spectus, utilize actionable, high-quality data while preserving user privacy. Our procured and completely sanitized location data is available for building insights and applications immediately upon onboarding.

Bring your own data

Owners of core mobility location data and adjacent assets can monetize their properties in a secure and controlled manner. Spectus applies differential privacy technologies to fully anonymize sensitive data, which means data analysts can access data to build analytics and apps but can only export aggregated/anonymous insights. By partnering with Spectus, your customers can access your assets within Spectus’ environment and combine it with their own 1st party or 3rd party data safely, while you maintain access and auditing.

Making human mobility more privacy-protected

At Spectus, we make it out priority to invest in privacy technology, education, and advocacy. Our adherence to transparent and strict privacy beliefs and policies is what sets Spectus apart. We enable the analysis of granular human mobility data without requiring data providers to give up any control, nor do data users need to be in possession of such data at any time for insights or development. Spectus employs beyond-current standards of safeguarding PII and any partners’ data including such processes as:

  • Regular granular auditing, monitoring, and alerting that enforces our privacy policies
  • Removal of data from locations that do not meet privacy standards according to our Sensitive Points of Interest (SPOI) Policy
  • Upleveling of data in and around home locations using proprietary technology Spectus has developed
  • Development of a proprietary and patent-pending data solution called Privacy Enhanced Mobility (PEM)

Maximize your geospatial development flexibility while minimizing costs & risks with Spectus now.

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