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Spectus for Academic Research

Spectus is built to bridge the gap between human mobility research and policy. Human mobility data provides researchers across a range of disciplines with valuable insights. From urban development and disaster response to social equity and public health, researchers can leverage vetted big-data and processing tools to facilitate grant-based fundraising and scholarly publication.

Spectus for Academia

Why use Spectus for Academic Research?

Mobility data provides a wealth of insight into human behavior, but processing it comes with challenges. Creating in-house big-data infrastructure, algorithms, and processing tools to handle terabytes of location data is both costly and time consuming.

Additionally, granular mobility data requires months of cleaning and preprocessing before any substantive analysis can be performed which significantly delays the research and publication process. Once launched, data processing environments incur hefty storage and computational costs. Beyond these technical obstacles, many institutions must reconcile research objectives with strict privacy, IRB, and ethics requirements.

Spectus provides researchers with a cloud-hosted computation environment, pre-cleaned data assets, and tools to derive meaningful insights from mobility data. Our industry-leading privacy framework supports on-premise analysis of granular, privacy-enhanced data in an auditable environment. With Spectus, researchers can begin analysis on day one.

Academic Research Use Cases

  • Disaster Response – Understand evacuation mobility patterns when natural disasters strike a region – see it in action.
  • Equitable Urban Planning – Combine Spectus mobility data with census and POI data to study how different socio-demographic groups interact with the built environment.
  • Epidemiology/Public Health – Study disease spread linked with Spectus mobility data to uncover public health risks or discover adoption rates of non-pharmaceutical interventions.
  • Analyzing Migration Patterns – Understand changing population trends by analyzing human migration patterns.
  • Trajectory Analysis – Visualize mobility paths along key routes from points of interest – see it in action.

Fuel innovative research with mobility intelligence

Transform the way your team leverages human mobility data

Spectus is built to accelerate human mobility research

Accelerated Research

Uncover insights, customize analyses, and refine results in days, not months


Query privacy-enhanced data through a cloud-hosted auditable platform

Shared Value

Spectus drives positive social impact through the ethical and responsible use of location-based data

Supported by geospatial analytics experts who invest in your success – learn more about the Spectus platform here.

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