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About Us

We believe a company’s biggest asset is its people, and we have taken great care to develop an amazing team. At Spectus, our mission is to provide location data that fuels innovation, and the innovative minds and collaborative spirit of our team are vital to the success of our business. Our culture is centered around our five core values, which foster an environment of acceptance, community, and fun. When you work here, you’re joining a passionate, global company that strives to do good by helping companies utilize location data in a responsible way.

Our Values


Just as Spectus connects data to create insights, Spectusers connect to each other to increase operational empathy, better ourselves and our clients, and achieve more together.

Customer Centricity

Power long term relationships with our customers (clients, partners, internal stakeholders and data subjects) by building trust, solving problems and adding value.


Passion, resourcefulness, and commitment ensure perseverance in achieving our common goals and delivering measurable results at the right pace with excellent quality.


Collaboration of ideas challenging the status quo, providing a bold and fail fast approach, to disrupt the market and provide thought leadership.


Providing feedback, internal and external to ensure clear communication while maintaining the delicate balance between privacy and transparency.

Diversity and Inclusion

Spectus is committed to ensuring that every employee feels welcomed in the workplace. We have a very diverse, globally-cultured team and look for talent from different backgrounds and experiences.


Spectus is always looking for talented individuals that align with our mission and uphold the same values that Spectus was founded on. If you’re looking to join the team here at Spectus, please see our current openings here.