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Spectus For Automotive

The automotive industry leverages location data to optimize critical aspects of its ecosystem – supply chain, warehouse and inventory management, transport logistics, distribution costs, targeted marketing strategies and others. The increasing availability and sophistication of location data provides all players with data-driven insights and equips manufacturers with tools to innovate critical infrastructure and growth drivers.

Spectus For Automotive

Why Use Spectus in the Automotive Industry?

Lack of data and visibility pose key challenges to identify bottlenecks, anticipate technological changes, and strike differentiation among competition. Spectus empowers manufacturers to bring all components of the ecosystem together to draw deeper and more comprehensive insights through tailored solutions built on a cost effective, privacy-centric platform.

Automotive Use Cases

  • Site Selections – Understand the customer base of specific locations based on dealership competition, adjacent automotive location visits, and demographic & socioeconomic characteristics.
  • Inventory Management – Uncover dealership inventory needs based on the characteristics of the surrounding market.
  • Dealership Performance – Assist and audit dealerships with effective marketing and foot traffic analysis.
  • Marketing Strategies – Make critical decisions to reach customers throughout their buying cycle based on offline visits to dealerships, auto part retailers, and auto repair shops.
  • Finance Modeling – Inform customer vehicle financing models for specific locations based on socioeconomic factors in relation to dealerships.

Insights into supply chain, parts manufacturing, dealer performance, and customer buying habits for the automotive industry

Transform the way your team leverages human mobility data

Spectus is built for data-driven decisions that lower risk and inform better investments


Eliminate factors hindering growth and optimize the supply chain with complete visibility of the automotive ecosystem


Maximize dealer performance to align with national and global sales goals

Expansion & Growth

Devise growth strategies based on recent and historical competitive and consumer insights

Supported by geospatial analytics experts who invest in your business success – learn more about the Spectus platform here.

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