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Interactive Web Apps

Spectus gives businesses powerful and insightful data visualizations that tell a more compelling story. Using already built-in mobility data and POIs provided by you or another source, Spectus can deliver ongoing, real-time reporting to your teams as demonstrated here in these web apps.

Explore new use cases and data visualizations with spatial analysis tools

Hurricane Ian Evacuation Analysis

Hurricane Ian made landfall in Fort Myers, Florida on Wednesday, September 28th at 3:10pm as a Category 4 hurricane. With wind speeds up to 150mph (241km/h), Ian caused destructive storm surges and left millions of people without power.

Density Metrics Location Data

Density Metrics

Fully understand the impact of device stops in a given area over time. Get further insights into population density and foot-traffic trends at any Point of Interest. They can be utilized in a variety of use cases, such as urban planning, site selection, and event analysis.

Tiling Tools Spatial Indexing

Spatial Indexing – Tiling Tools

Improve the performance of geospatial analyses with faster computations using Spectus’ Tiling Tools. A visual tool that isolates areas on a map to analyze data sets from using industry standard grid systems; Geohash, H3, S2, and Bing tile quadkeys.

Texas Heat Map Trade Area

Trade Area Analysis

Understand the impact on business locations based on population density and where visitors live or work. Get a better sense of visitation rates to competitors in the area and how multiple locations can help or hurt business. Ideal insights for retailers, QSRs, warehouse and logistics analysts, supply chain routing, or distribution centers.



Make critical business decisions with aggregate mobility patterns between consecutive stops and many Points of Interest (POIs) within a day. Determine better advertising areas, habits and traffic patterns, location scouting, or areas of opportunity. Overlay data based on demographics and custom POIs for greater business intelligence.

Evacuation Routes

Evacuation Routes

Discover mobility trends observed during catastrophic events. Ideal for urban planners or municipalities to for better insights on infrastructure needs and traffic volume potential during times of crisis or changing events.

Optimal Store Location

Optimal Store Location

The Spectus Optimal Store Location Analysis uses the latest real-time Spectus data to visualize a brand’s market penetration to help determine the best location for a new store.