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Spectus for GIS

Seamlessly integrate high-quality device-level location data with mapping tools

Accelerate GTM solutions with streamlined access to high-quality, scalable mobility data and privacy-safe infrastructure. Spectus empowers GIS solution providers to visualize mobility trends in real-time using Python and SQL. Spectus’ APIs and CSV exports enable device-level location data to be seamlessly integrated with mapping tools like ArcGIS, QGIS, and Kepler.

GIS leaders use Spectus

Increase Speed to Market
Cut the development time from 12 to 3 months by simplifying the process of creating custom location-based solutions. Supply device-level data and a privacy-enhanced development environment so analysts and data scientists can start building location-based solutions immediately with tools like SQL and Python.

Risk Mitigation
Focus on spatial analysis instead of procurement and compliance. Leverage Spectus’ regulatory expertise and privacy-enhanced infrastructure to develop location-based solutions with high-quality data, responsibly.
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Create Comprehensive Maps
Accelerate location-based solutions by feeding high-quality, scalable mobility data into visualization tools like Kepler, QGIS, and ArcGIS, or by analyzing geospatial trends directly in the Spectus platform.
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Path Analysis
Visualize spatial patterns and migration trends in logistics, transportation, sales, procurement, agriculture, Environmental Impact Analysis, and more by leveraging real-time and historical location data such as stops and trajectories.
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Industrial Monitoring
Help your customers anticipate supply chain disruptions by monitoring changes in workforce activity at industrial sites of interest.

In this example, stops and dwell time are visualized over a 3-month period: older stops are purple and red, newer stops are yellow, larger circles represent longer dwell time. Persistent changes in industrial activity are represented by yellow circles of a consistent size in a new area.

Industrial Monitoring Spectus

Enrich geospatial analysis with location data

Transform the way your team leverages human mobility data

Spectus is built for data-driven insights and robust client solutions

Privacy First

Query privacy-enhanced data through a cloud-hosted auditable platform.

Device-Level Data

Leverage scalable & high-quality device-level data.

Accelerated Deployment

Uncover insights, customize analyses, and refine results in days, not months.

Supported by geospatial analytics experts who invest in your success – learn more about the Spectus platform here.

Learn how Spectus can make your GIS more comprehensive and profitable.

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